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Andando Square Solid Wood End Table Mango Brown

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In the embrace of unadorned beauty, the end table stands with a rustic charm that speaks to the soul of the wilderness. Solid mango wood, crafted from large, unyielding planks, brings a touch of the untamed forest into the home. Its design, raw and robust, harkens back to an era of simplicity, where the elegance of form meets the ruggedness of nature. This is not just a table; it is a whisper of the ancient world, a sturdy companion to the quiet moments of modern life.

* End table made from solid mango wood
* Features large wood planks on the top and base for a bold look
* Evokes a raw and rustic aesthetic, reminiscent of primitive design
* Sturdy and durable construction with a natural wood finish
* Ideal for adding a touch of organic charm to any space


Height 22
Width 22
Length 22