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Cota Round Solid Wood End Table Dark Brown

Vendor: Coaster
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The end table, with its solid wood grandeur and dark brown allure, stands as an intimate alcove in the canvas of the living room. Its round top, bordered by a subtle recess, cradles your evening reads and cherished mementos, a testament to its thoughtful design. The robust legs, a bold statement of strength, cross paths beneath, crafting a stable foundation and an aesthetic intrigue. This piece does not shout for attention; it confidently whispers luxury, merging utility with a sculptural presence that enhances the quiet corners of your space.

* End table with a round top and subtle recessed edge
* Constructed from solid wood for durability
* Dark brown finish complements a variety of decor styles
* Cross beam leg design for stability and visual interest
* Compact and versatile for use in various room settings


Height 19.75
Width 26.25
Length 26.25