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Eckard Full Bunkie Board Foundation

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Embrace the discreet support of the bunkie board, a sleek yet vital addition to your bedding ensemble. This slender layer of solidity is designed to lie unnoticed between your mattress and bed frame, providing a smooth, uniform surface that enhances your comfort without altering the profile of your bed. Crafted for longevity and ease, its compact construction ensures it fits snugly in any setting, from bustling children's bunk beds to the minimalist's platform bed. With its low profile, the bunkie board is an unsung hero, offering the silent strength needed to support you and your mattress throughout the meandering journey of dreams. Invite this essential piece into your home, and let it lift your sleep experience to new heights of stability and subtlety

* Sturdy full size bunkie board mattress foundation
* Slender design offers a low-profile foundation, making it ideal for beds where maintaining a streamlined aesthetic or lower height is preferred
* Providing a flat, rigid surface, bunkie boards ensure even support for mattresses, preventing sagging and extending mattress life
* Lightweight and easy to maneuver, allowing for convenient installation and compatibility with various bed frames, including platform beds and bunk beds
* Proudly made in the USA


Height 2
Width 74
Length 53