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Lindley Square Tempered Mirror Acrylic Side End Table Chrome

Vendor: Coaster
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Gracing the side of your favorite armchair, the end table is a masterpiece of reflective beauty and structural grace. Square in form, its mirrored tempered glass top presents an ever-changing canvas, reflecting the life it stands amidst. The metallic gleam of its chrome-electroplated frame captures the essence of contemporary design, while the clear acrylic leg posts are like pillars of modernity, offering a visual spaciousness. Resting on tapered feet, this table is an emblem of elegance and a whisper of the chic, urban lifestyle.

* End table with square mirrored tempered glass top for a reflective and elegant surface
* Chrome-electroplated metal frame for durability with a modern edge
* Clear acrylic leg posts providing a contemporary transparent look
* Sturdy tapered feet to ensure balance and support
* Perfect as a standalone piece or paired with its coffee table counterpart


Height 22
Width 23.5
Length 23.5