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Marceline Wood Full LED Panel Bed Black

Vendor: Coaster
SKU 222831F

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Explore the possibilities of modern features that render this chic bed a haven for relaxation and a comfy place to sleep and lounge. A stylish yet minimalist design feature is perfect for anchoring your contemporary bedroom. Assembled of wood products and melamine laminate, it offers updated and sturdy construction. Ethereal energy-efficient lighting frames its tall headboard, operated with a touch mechanism through headboard-mounted buttons. Gleaming gold metal finish feet are petite yet noticeable.

* Discover the modern conveniences that transform this chic bed into a sanctuary of relaxation and a cozy spot for both sleep and lounging
* Elevate your contemporary bedroom with its stylish yet minimalist design, serving as a striking focal point
* Built from wood products and melamine laminate, this bed boasts durable and contemporary construction
* Enjoy the ethereal ambiance created by energy-efficient lighting framing its tall headboard, easily controlled through headboard-mounted touch buttons
* Notice the elegant touch of gleaming gold metal finish feet, adding a subtle yet distinctive touch to this stylish bed


Height 50.5
Width 79.25
Length 56