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Polaris Rectangular SmartTop Coffee Table Grey and Light Oak

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The coffee table stretches out with a confidence born of its mid-century modern heritage, flaunting a rectangular top that offers the luxurious look of marble without the weight. Its high-pressure laminate surface, infused with decorative faux marble paper, is a visual feast, juxtaposed against the natural brown base that anchors it with a touch of the earthy and real. The sleek lines and cool grey hues are a nod to a design era that celebrated clean aesthetics and functional beauty. It is more than a surface; it's a statement piece, designed to gather around, to showcase, to be lived with and loved.

* Rectangular coffee table with a mid-century modern flair
* High-pressure laminate top designed to resemble elegant marble
* Sturdy natural brown base offers a striking contrast to the grey top
* Sleek profile perfect for a modern living space
* Low-maintenance and stylish, suited for daily use and special occasions


Height 18
Width 27.5
Length 47.25