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Serreta Boucle Upholstered Armless Acrylic Chair Black

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Discover a fusion of contemporary design and luxurious comfort in this accent lounge chair, where horizontal channeling meets the rich texture of bouclé fabric. The thick, clear acrylic frame, crafted with the highest quality, surrounds the upholstered elegance, creating a sophisticated floating effect. Each line of channeling invites you to experience comfort tailored for relaxation, while the chair's transparency blends with its environment, offering a seamless flow of style. This isn’t merely furniture; it’s a centerpiece that commands attention without overshadowing the room. Revel in the blend of plush comfort and flawless clarity that this chair brings to your cherished living space.

* Accent chair with horizontal channeling for a modern aesthetic and added comfort
* Upholstered with plush bouclé fabric for a luxurious touch
* Supported by a thick, high-quality clear acrylic frame
* Acrylic material provides durability with a crystal-clear appearance
* Designed as a versatile accent lounge chair suitable for various decors


Height 29.25
Width 31.5
Length 25.25