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Skylark Round Marble-like SmartTop Side End Table Black

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Gracefully poised, the round end table is a modern muse clad in black faux marble, a high-pressure laminate that promises enduring strength and effortless care. This exquisite tabletop, impervious to the whims of daily life, offers the opulent look of marble without its demanding nature, making luxury more accessible and relaxed. Resting on a solid wood base, the table's silhouette is a celebration of stability and elegance, with angular legs that create an intriguing visual dialogue with the smooth curves above. It's a versatile piece that elevates the art of living, turning the simple act of placing down a book or a drink into a moment of understated sophistication.

* Round end table with a high-pressure laminate top in black faux marble
* Combines the durability of laminate with the elegant look of marble
* Easy to care for, offering a practical alternative to genuine marble
* Supported by a solid wood base with a striking geometric design
* Effortlessly marries functionality with contemporary aesthetics


Height 21.75
Width 23.5
Length 23.5